Even if you’re a novice at online bingo you’ll have probably seen the commercials advertising free games and deposit matches if you sign up to websites. These bonuses can be a great way to get extra games and money for free, really maximizing the amount of cash that you have to play with. And with discounts, deals and freebies, you can help get your bingo career off to a flying start.

Bingo Bonuses

With bingo having become a very popular game online there is high competition between the online casinos offering the entertainment. As such, many venues will offer large signup bonuses if you choose to play with them, allowing you to add to any deposit for free. With the click of a few buttons you can instantly be drawn into the world of online bingo, allowing you to chat with friends, meet new people and, most importantly, win cash and jackpots as you play.

Website Variety

Online bingo casinos will offer a variety of bonuses for signing up, ranging from free games and bingo cards to deposit matching. Complimentary games and bingo cards effectively allow you to play for free but you’ll have to make a first deposit. In addition, you’ll often find that you have to meet a range of requirements to play the free games such as making a certain deposit minimum or being a registered member of the website for a specific length of time. Meanwhile, many online casinos offer you bonus percentage options which indicate the amount of free credit you’ll get depending on how much you initially deposit. A 200per cent bonus for example would provide you with $40 of extra credit if your deposit was $20. With large variation between websites you can often find offers up to 400per cent for first time deposits, and others which even offer repeat deposit bonuses.

Pick Wisely

With so many online casinos offering bingo you may find it hard not to jump into the first one you come across. However, doing your research is well worth the time and effort as you’ll be able to find out about large stake games and extras, along with individual casino benefits. And by joining a casino which is right for you, you’ll be able to get big bingo bonuses without having to hop from one website to the next.

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